A V Home Theater

A/V & Home Theater

  1. Mounts
  2. I've mounted my display and it seems to be sagging forward. Is this normal?
  3. Are Monoprice's mounts parts interchangeable?
  4. Can I use a corner friendly mount on a regular wall, not a corner?
  5. How do I find the right Wall Mount for my TV?
  6. What do you do if the screws included with the mount do not fit the TV?
  1. Switches & Splitters
  2. Can I split an HDMI® signal?
  3. Can I use a splitter to connect two source devices to one input on my display so that I don't have to keep plugging and unplugging my cables?
  4. Can I use the 4 Port Component Video Switch w/ IR Learning as composite video switcher?
  5. Does Monoprice offer the optional power supply for the Passive HDMI Splitters?
  6. How does the Composite, S-Video, and HDMI® to HDMI® Converter and Switch w/ HDMI PAL NTSC Support upscale resolution? (PID 9994)
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  1. Audio & Speakers
  2. Are your speaker wire rated for outdoors?
  3. Can 4 conductor speaker wire be used to connect a pair of speakers?
  4. Can I use a Mono cable with a stereo coupler to go from TS to TRS?
  5. Does a higher strand count in speaker cables provide better audio quality?
  6. How do you set the crossover switch (0, ­3db, ­6db)?
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  1. Antennas
  2. Can I use your TV Antenna’s to turn my monitor into an HDTV?
  3. Can you use a RCA to Coax adapter to connect an antenna signal to a RCA port on a tv?
  4. I've connected the antenna but don’t seem to be getting many or any channels?
  1. Projector & Projector Screens
  2. Does Monoprice offer any recommendations for where to mount a projection screen?
  3. How do I adjust Drop Limit on Projection Screens with Somfy Motors?
  4. How do I calculate Projector Screen Dimensions?
  5. How do I Choose a projector?
  6. Should I get a Grey or White projector Screen?
  1. Video Converters
  2. Can I convert my Apple TV's HDMI output to DVI or VGA?
  1. Headphones
  2. What are the different types of headphones?
  3. What is the Bluetooth® On-the-Ear Headphones with Built-in Microphone driver size? (PID 11943, 11944 11945 11946)
  4. What should I do if I am experiencing 3.5mm connectivity issues?